Ganga Spa

Relaxed, Refresh, Rejuvenate



Ganga Spa was designed to be an upscale, modern holistic wellness centre with all luxury & comfort. We feel it’s a great environment for men and women as well as the weekly spa-goers to one-time visitors. While our furnishings and designs are well designed, stylish and comfortable, you will find our customer service and treatments to be outstanding!

Waiting Lounge & Greeting Area

The waiting area is a very open and inviting space. It allows great room for clients to check in and out of the spa without feeling cramped and also has some great retail space to browse and consider the items that were used on you throughout your experience at Ganga Spa.

Quiet / Relaxation Room

The Quiet Room is where you will begin your experience with Ganga Spa. Here, you can relax in our tranquil environment in comfort and style while you prepare for your treatments. Always available to you is cool filtered water, coffee or tea. Other drinks and snacks may be available upon request.

Therapy Rooms

Several Therapy rooms are available at Ganga Spa. Each room has a table and chair for your convenience in changing and keeping your keys and valuables. For treatments, hot towel cabbies and hot stone plates are also available. Some outlets of Ganga Spa have couple rooms where tables are placed side-by-side for couples looking to enjoy and share their spa experience together.

Treatment Rooms

These rooms are especially equipped and designed for facial treatments and waxing. Each room has a sink, counter and cabinet built in to be certain that warm water is available and sanitary conditions are kept at high standard.

Showers & Restrooms

There are unisex restrooms equipped with full walk-in showers with detachable sprayers. They are easy to move around in and are perfect for cleaning up after a mud wrap or just taking a quick shower before or after treatments.